Hey Folks,

February was a great month for us as we came out with a couple of new beers. One being Dew North, an Irish Red that has more body than a typical red; a very smooth drink with smooth toasty/caramel notes. You can find this beer in our tasting room or at the Sheraton (Harbor Island, Downtown) where they've paired a pint with a shot of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey. With this duo, you seriously can't go wrong!

The other beer we're stoked about this month is Polar Opposite, a white stout with cacao nibs, Madagascar vanilla beans, and coffee beans thrown into the finished beer and let sit for a week, really allowing the flavors to infuse. This pastry stout is like a moist, airy coffee cake with a touch of vanilla to even out all the rough edges in life. Available on nitro or CO2, you can really explore all the different layers of this delicious brew.

(A special shout out to Scout Distribution for helping spread our labor of love. You might have noticed their truck rolling around SD wrapped with our 32 North logo. It looks nice. Look at it.)

In addition to our new beers, we have all been like children on Christmas morning, pretending to sleep because we are so excited to get our new brewhouse, which is in transit as I write. Stay tuned for more on that...

All said and done, thank you to all who support and enjoy our beer. Be sure to stop by soon and try what's new.


- Mario

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