Hey friends!  Since we now have a blog, we've decided that the 30th of every month will be conducted by the production side of 32 North.  We're calling it Beer/30!  To kick it off, this is Jeff Swem, barrel, speciality, and all around brewer.  

First off, I hope your holidays went well, and that the New Year finds you with those close to you to say goodbye to the old, and welcome all to come in 2019.  Being the time of the year in which we find ourselves, I'd like to kick this thing off with a simple recap of 2018.

Some very exciting things went down this year.  We've been building towards 2019 with expansion that the brewery has never seen, we've begun distribution with Scout Distributing, and (proud moment), our pilsner brought us a ribbon at the San Diego International Beer Festival.  We don't enter many competitions, and that's probably something we'll be working on next year.  But to win with a pilsner makes us all quite proud, because there are many out there that are remarkable, and it's a style you can't hide behind with big flavors.  It needs to be right to be recognized, so here's to you, Pilsner the Conqueror.  It's on tap at many local beer spots around you, and the tasting room as well.  Seek it out, and you won't be disappointed.  On the beer side, we've also added a few new recipes, including Coastal Eddy (it's not a person, it's our marine layer) hazy IPA.  Also, resting in some rum barrels that we acquired from our neighbors at Cutwater is our Belgian Strong Ale, set to release around Valentine's Day.

Of course, the year didn't come without hurdles, and headaches.  We're a craft brewery, gray hairs come with the territory.  But, again I'm proud to say our team found solutions to every problem faced, and overcame any chiller, boiler, auger, forklift, cooler, setting up new fermenters, etc, etc, etc, etc troubles we had.  A strong team makes all the difference, and I'm proud to be a part of ours.

Which brings me to our next addition:  Tegan, our new event / social media / all around rad person has been a great addition to this team.  I mean, she gets in our faces at all the wrong times asking to take pictures, but sometimes it comes out ok.  Especially when my ugly grill isn't involved.  Also, in regards to our distribution, we will have a 32 North wrapped truck rolling around San Diego soon (I think before the New Year, so this is relevant to include).  Honk and say hi to Jesse if you see it!  Maybe don't honk, I think that's frowned upon.

Lastly, this year has brought us a lot of support from friends.  We couldn't do this without you.  To the people who support us, those who come by and say hello and have a beer at the tasting room.  Those who see 32 North at an establishment and choose to enjoy our beer.  Those who give us sincere feedback and chat with us.  The industry people who are always willing to chat about what we all do, and especially those who help us out, or ask us for help when needed.  This community thrives together.  To you all I've mentioned, we consider you family, and are appreciative of you.  

Cheers to 2018, and as we come closer to the end of this decade (friggin crazy, right?), may we find 2019 prosperous, lucky, and kind.

- Jeff

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